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Waffles for Breakfast

The first waffle is said to have been the result of an accident in a kitchen in England during the thirteenth century.

How did it happen? A knight came into the kitchen still wearing his armor. He made the mistake of sitting down on some freshly baked oat cakes. When he got up, the cakes were very much flattened. The metal links of the armor made deep imprints in the cakes.

The knight was so hungry, he decided to eat the cakes anyway. He put some butter on them first. He and his wife had a nice little meal of the squashed hot cakes with butter. When they saw how nicely the melted butter stayed in the little squares, the couple decided to try the new kind of cakes more often. From that time on, the knight put on his armor at least once a week to sit in the fresh oat cakes.

Reusable Grocery Shopping Bags – Custom Design

Why Use Reusable Grocery Shopping Canvas Tote Bags… I’m sure you have realized by now that voters narrowly approved the nation’s first statewide ban on single-use plastic bags at most grocery stores. Regulating plastic bags helps eliminate the harmful impacts to oceans, rivers, lakes, forests and the wildlife that inhabit them. Reducing bag use can

How Do Children Learn?

Children learn in their own unique way. The three learning modalities are the sensory channels we use to obtain and process information. • Visual learner’s process information best with pictures and diagrams; these children learn best seeing things.               • Auditory learners learn best by listening and discussing things. •

5 Tips to Encouraging Children to Read.

Suggestions to Encourage Children to Read. Not all children like to read so here are some ideas that will hopefully make encouraging your child to read more fun! Create an incentive to encourage children to read based on the amount of time they spend reading or the number of pages that they read. After they have

The Wafflehoffers Maple’s First Competition Coloring Book

The Wafflehoffer coloring book is available for purchase on         The Coloring Book size is 8.5″ X 8.5″  and contains over 26 illustrations to color. Click the Download Now Button to open a .pdf for you to print and color that illustration for FREE! Click the Download Now button to open

Redirecting Child Behavior

When redirecting child behavior, it is difficult to know how to phrase a request in the best possible manner that your child will understand. Saying the words, “you can’t” or “don’t do that,” to a child’s is a request to challenge you and take that dare in a child’s mind. Parenting your child that they

Free Download! The First Three Chapters of The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple Book

Enjoy for free the first three chapters of The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple children’s picture book. I’m giving the first three chapters away for free! I want you to be totally satisfied with The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple story and illustrations before you buy.     Download for FREE! On this website, the first three chapters of

The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple Farm Animal Book

Enjoy this sneak peek inside The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple children’s picture book, as Maple goes on an adventure on her Uncle Pete’s farm in search of a mare and her foal. Meet lots of farm animals that help Maple in her search for the foal. Hi, my name is Fay B. Bolton, and I’m the author

FREE Drawstring Bag with Book Order!

For a limited time, when you order The Wafflehoffer Curious Maple children’s Picture Book for $9.95 from this website, we will send you a Wafflehoffer drawstring tote bag absolutely free! Pay only for shipping $4.99! Color Hunter GreenPurpleRedRoyal The drawstring tote bags are available in four colors: Royal, Purple, Red, and Hunter Green.       Color

Drawstring Bags: Custom Designed for The Wafflehoffers Collection

The Wafflehoffers Drawstring Tote Bag Custom Design Now Available! Custom Drawstring Bags Available in Four Colors… Quantity Order 1 $11.95 USDOrder 2 $22.90 USDOrder 3 $33.85 USDPrder 4 $44.80 USD Colors Hunter GreenRedPurpleRoyal Royal