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Free Download! The First Three Chapters of The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple Book

Enjoy for free the first three chapters of The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple children’s picture book. I’m giving the first three chapters away for free! I want you to be totally satisfied with The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple story and illustrations before you buy.

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Download for FREE! On this website, the first three chapters of The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple children’s picture book. Then you can make an informed decision as to whether your child will be entertained by Maple as she goes on her adventures in Waffleville. Check out the writing style and make sure the reading level is appropriate for your child’s age, without spending a dime.

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I’m not even going to ask for your name or email address. Just click on the blue button above and you’ll have instant access to the.pdf version of the first three chapters of The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple children’s picture book. Enjoy!



The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple Farm Animal Book

Enjoy this sneak peek inside The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple children’s picture book, as Maple goes on an adventure on her Uncle Pete’s farm in search of a mare and her foal. Meet lots of farm animals that help Maple in her search for the foal. Hi, my name is Fay B. Bolton, and I’m the author

FREE Drawstring Bag with Book Order!

For a limited time, when you order The Wafflehoffer Curious Maple children’s Picture Book for $9.95 from this website, we will send you a Wafflehoffer drawstring tote bag absolutely free! Pay only for shipping $4.99! Color Hunter GreenPurpleRedRoyal The drawstring tote bags are available in four colors: Royal, Purple, Red, and Hunter Green.       Color

How to Communicate Effectively with your Child

Learn How to Communicate Effectively and Clearly with your Child so you Stop Saying “No!” Children hear the word “no” far too often. Studies show that toddlers typically hear the word “no” 400 times daily, which you can imagine gets tedious for the parents and the child. So rephrase your sentence from a negative to

How to Teach your Child to Ask Questions

The Wafflehoffers, Curious Maple, is a story that helps your child understand it’s important to ask questions. If all adults were required to get a degree in child psychology before they became parents, they’d undoubtedly undergo far less stress and anxiety in raising a child. But sadly many of us don’t have that psychology degree,

A Child’s Brain – Development

How Storytelling Affects the Brain… To understand why your child behaves a certain way, you have to first understand your child’s brain development, be aware of what is going on in your child’s brain. This can help you tremendously when interacting with your child. A child’s prefrontal cortex may look fully developed regarding size when

Maple’s First Competition – Children’s Picture Book

Maple Wafflehoffer tries her best to uphold the family tradition of being the best waffle maker in the county when she enters the junior waffle-baking competition at the fair. At the beginning of the story, we see Maple as a little selfish and unsure of herself. But by the end of the story, Maple shows

Preview Curious Maple Book

The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple Children’s Picture Book…           “Hurry up, Maple. It’s time to leave,” shouted Mama Wafflehoffer as she washed the last plate from a breakfast of homemade waffles. “Coming!” said Maple as she ran outside and climbed into the car. She was so excited for their visit to Uncle

The Wafflehoffers Characters – Children’s Picture Books

Meet The Wafflehoffers Children’s Picture Book Characters. Join Maple Wafflehoffer as her character learns about life as she goes on many adventures in Waffleville. Want a sneak peak inside The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple Book? Then click on the ‘Start Reading Now’ tab to download the first three chapters. FREE!  Quantity Order 1 $11.95 USDOrder