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Preview Curious Maple Book

The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple Children’s Picture Book…           “Hurry up, Maple. It’s time to leave,” shouted Mama Wafflehoffer as she washed the last plate from a breakfast of homemade waffles. “Coming!” said Maple as she ran outside and climbed into the car. She was so excited for their visit to Uncle

The Wafflehoffers Characters – Children’s Picture Books

Meet The Wafflehoffers Children’s Picture Book Characters. Join Maple Wafflehoffer as her character learns about life as she goes on many adventures in Waffleville. Want a sneak peak inside The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple Book? Then click on the ‘Start Reading Now’ tab to download the first three chapters. FREE!  Quantity Order 1 $11.95 USDOrder