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How Do Children Learn?

Children learn in their own unique way.

The three learning modalities are the sensory channels we use to obtain and process information.

• Visual learner’s process information best with pictures and diagrams; these children learn best seeing things.









• Auditory learners learn best by listening and discussing things.

• Kinesthetic learners learn best with a hands-on approach. Most children learn through all three learning modalities.


howard-gardnerHoward Gardner, the originator of multiple intelligences, defines seven kinds of intelligence. Most children have strengths in two or three of them and need work on the rest.



One kind of intelligence is verbal/linguistic, which is speaking and reading.

Another type of intelligence is logical/mathematical, which is concepts and abstract patterns.

Another kind of intelligence is visual/special which is thinking in images, pictures, shapes, and colors.

Another kind of intelligence is musical, such as rhythm, pitch, melody and harmony.

Another type of intelligence is bodily/kinesthetic, which is touch, making, and doing.

And last but not least is intrapersonal, which is independence and self-motivation.


Learning how your child perceives the world around him/her and learns, will allow you to maximize their intellectual strengths and teach them effectively.

5 Tips to Encouraging Children to Read.

Suggestions to Encourage Children to Read. Not all children like to read so here are some ideas that will hopefully make encouraging your child to read more fun! Create an incentive to encourage children to read based on the amount of time they spend reading or the number of pages that they read. After they have