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The Wafflehoffers Characters – Children’s Picture Books

Meet The Wafflehoffers Children’s Picture Book Characters.

Join Maple Wafflehoffer as her character learns about life as she goes on many adventures in Waffleville.

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The Wafflehoffer Storybook and Coloring Book are available on Amazon 

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The Wafflehoffer Family

Join The Wafflehoffers, as they go on their adventures in Waffleville.

The Wafflehoffer family consists of Papa, Mama, Zack and the main character Maple Wafflehoffer, and not forgetting Butter, the dog. They all live in a house that looks like a waffle in a town named Waffleville.

The Wafflehoffer family eat a staple diet of Waffles. They eat Waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Each Storybook is laid out in the format of a children’s chapter picture book and contain 60 wonderfully illustrated pages.

The Wafflehoffer books are written for children ages 6 years and older. An example of the reading level can be previewed, Here!

Meet The Wafflehoffers
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The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple. Is now available on

The first book called The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple is now available for purchase on Amazon. With the second book being in the illustration phase.

The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple story takes place on Maple’s Uncle Pete’s Farm.

Maple learns from her Uncle Pete that a foal has been born on the farm. Maple has never seen a baby horse and being curious, she wants to see it.

Despite her Uncle warning Maple to stay away from the foals and the mare because the mare is dangerous, Maple disobeys her Uncle and goes in search of the foal.

Enjoy a short preview of the story

Check out The Wafflehoffer Coloring Book Click Here


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Join Maple Wafflehoffer as she goes on an adventure on her Uncle Pete’s farm. With over 30 ready-to-color illustrations, children will meet a cat, mouse, cow, sheep, dog and many other farm animals as Maple goes in search of a mare and her foal.


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The Wafflehoffers—Maple’s First Competition is a sweet story (pardon the pun) about a young girl who enters her first waffle-baking contest. Though Maple is disappointed she comes in second and not first place like the other waffle whizzes in her family, her family is proud and hangs her picture next to Grandma’s prizewinning photo at a similar contest. Their support bolsters Maple in standing up to Priscilla, whose waffle won first prize. Maple congratulates the girl and says she’ll enter again next year to take the top spot. Learn more


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Join Maple Wafflehoffer as she tries her best to uphold the family tradition of being the best waffle maker in the county when she enters the junior waffle-baking competition at the fair. Learn More