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Waffles for Breakfast

Did you know that the first waffle is said to have been the result of an accident?

It all happened in a kitchen in England during the thirteenth century.

How did it happen?

The story told is that a knight came home and went into the kitchen still wearing his armor. He made the mistake of sitting down on some freshly baked oatcakes. When he got up, the cakes were very much flattened. The metal links on his armor made deep imprints in the cakes.
The knight was so hungry that night; he decided to eat the cakes anyway. He put some butter on them first. He and his wife had a nice little meal of the squashed hot cakes with butter.

When they saw how nicely the melted butter stayed in the little squares, the couple decided to try the new kind of cakes more often. From that time on, the knight put on his armor at least once a week to sit on the tray of freshly baked oatcakes.

And that is the story of how waffles were created.

Enjoy reading Maple’s First Competition children’s picture book. Maple enters the waffle baking competition at the County Fair. She wants to win the first place ribbon, just like her grandma did at her age.

Maple learns a valuable lesson when she receives the second place ribbon.

What Topping Can I Put on Waffles?

Waffles can be eaten plain (especially the thinner kinds) or eaten with various toppings, such as: butter chocolate chips apple butter fruits: bananas blueberries boysenberries raspberries blackberries strawberries, etc. honey jam or jelly chocolate spread peanut butter syrup: maple syrup chocolate syrup caramel flavored syrups whipped cream powdered sugar American waffles American waffles vary significantly.