Characters – The Wafflehoffer Family

Meet The Wafflehoffer Family…
Papa WafflehofferMeet Papa Wafflehoffer…

The character Papa Wafflehoffer lives in Waffleville with his wife Mama Wafflehoffer, his son Zack and daughter Maple and not forgetting Butter the family dog.

Papa Wafflehoffers character works as a sales representative for a lumber company.

Papa Wafflehoffer is easy going and Maple has him wrapped around her little finger, so to speak. Papa’s character always offers sound advice to solve almost any problem. Papa is the peacemaker in the family and he is a great storyteller.

Mamma WafflehofferMeet Mama Wafflehoffer…

Mama lives in Waffleville with her husband Papa Wafflehoffer, her son Zack and daughter Maple and their dog named Butter.

Mama Wafflehoffers character works part time as a shoe salesperson at the local department store in Waffleville. She’s also the second best waffle maker in the whole of Waffleville. (Her sister Martha was crowned the best.)

Mama Wafflehoffer is a very kind and caring mom to Zack and Maple. She is well liked in Waffleville and has many friends.

This is the family dog named Butter. He prefers the company of Mama Wafflehoffer but will often follow Maple to keep an eye on her when she goes off on her adventures.

Zack WafflehofferMeet Zack Wafflehoffer…

Zack is the oldest and only son of Mama and Papa Wafflehoffer.

Zack’s character is 10 years old and loves school but dislikes waffles even though waffles are the staple diet of a Wafflehoffer.

Zack is the smartest boy in his class and he loves school. You will often find Zack with his nose in a book because he loves to read.

Zack character enjoys his own company the most and gets nervous around crowds. When he gets nervous he stutters. He also enjoys spending time on his computer learning about outer space.

He’s great at imitating animal sounds. He’s not particularly athletic and doesn’t like to exert himself even when it comes to household chores unless he really has to. He’s terrible at keeping a secret and always tells tales about his little sister Maple who he pretends not to like, but deep down he loves his sister and tries to keep a watchful eye on her when he can.

Zack doesn’t have much of a sense of humor and he doesn’t understand sarcasm. He also hates being dirty and if his clothes get covered in dirt, well he’s all out of sorts and has to change them for clean ones.

Zack doesn’t rush through anything and he is a deep thinker and methodical. He also doesn’t like surprises so he’s not the adventures type. Not at all like his younger sister Maple.

Maple WafflehofferMeet the main character in all The Wafflehoffer stories – Maple Wafflehoffer…

Maple is the youngest and only daughter of Papa and Mama Wafflehoffer.

Maple’s character in the picture books is 6 years old and she is a very active child who won’t sit still and she’s always getting into trouble at home and at school because of her over-active imagination.

Maple contrary to her brother Zack is always getting her clothes dirty. In fact, she finds it difficult to ever keep them clean. Maple thinks the world is a great adventure waiting for her to explore and she does whenever she can.

Maple character has big blue eyes that are full of mischief and a mouth that never stays closed for too long. She has a nose that’s very sensitive to smells and can sniff out almost anything you ask her to find especially waffles.

She is a very astute character and is able to pick up on small details that others often seem to overlook.

Maple loves exploring and goes often where she is not supposed to go which always gets her into trouble.

Maple’s character loves teasing and pulling practical jokes on her older brother Zack.

Her favorite food is waffles which are the staple diet of a Wafflehoffer. They eat waffles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

She loves playing detective and any chance she gets, she will try and track something, or someone down.



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