The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple Farm Animal Book

Enjoy this sneak peek inside The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple children’s picture book, as Maple goes on an adventure on her Uncle Pete’s farm in search of a mare and her foal. Meet lots of farm animals that help Maple in her search for the foal.

Hi, my name is Fay B. Bolton, and I’m the author of The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple children’s picture book. Special Offer!

The Wafflehoffers Book ~ Curious MapleI wrote Curious Maple because I wanted children to relate to Maple and be able to go on an adventure on a farm. I created a farm environment because it allowed me to introduce children to several farm animals, and the role that those animals play on a farm.

Illustration Pic 4After eating lunch, Uncle Pete shared stories to Maple and her family about recent events happening on the farm. One of those events was the birth of a foal. Naturally, with Maple loving horse’s, and being a curious six-year-old, this peaked her curiosity, and she goes in search of the foal when the children are allowed to go outside and play.

Illustration Pic 7Maple is able to communicate with animals. The farm animals help Maple in her search to find the mare and her foal.

Uncle Pete warns Maple to stay away from the mare, but he never explained the reason as to why she must stay away. He neglects to inform Maple that the mare almost kicked him, and that’s why he doesn’t want her to go near the mare.

Illustration Pic 9When Maple discovers the foal, she immediately climbs the stone wall to get a closer look. As soon as Maple arrives in the field, the mare rises to her feet (hooves) and charges at Maple. Maple only stops running to escape when she hears the foals voice. The foal tells her mother (the mare), to not frighten the little girl.

NEW ADDTL PIC #3Maple learns from the mare that they are sad and lonely. Her Uncle had banished them to the far end of the farm, for reasons that were a misunderstanding. The foal had nipped at her mother (the mare) at the exact same time as Uncle Pete stood next to the mare. The mare kicked out, to discipline her foal. Only Uncle Pete thought the mare was kicking out at him. It is an inborn reaction for the mare to teach her foal not to bite. The quick swift surprise kick would startle the foal, so hopefully, she would think twice about biting her mother again.

Maple, horse, foal and uncle peteBoth Maple and her uncle learn a lesson in Curious Maple. Uncle Pete learns that it’s important to explain to a young child the exact reason why you don’t want them to do something. Maple learns that if she is told to not do something, it’s alright to inquire why? That way she can visualize the picture in her brain and see that it could be unsafe, and she could get hurt.

In The Wafflehoffers, Curious Maple, not only do children learn a life lesson, but parents as well. Instead of Uncle Pete saying “don’t go near the foal,” because all a six-year-old hears and sees in her mind is, ‘going near the foal.’ What Uncle Pete should have said was, “don’t go near the foal because the mare kicked at me and she is dangerous.” That is far more effective in creating a warning to a child then just saying the word, ‘don’t!’

Thank you! And I hope you enjoy The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple available on Amazon.

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