Keyring Chain: The Wafflehoffers Keychain Keyring

Wafflehoffer Button Keychain

Wafflehoffer keyring

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The Wafflehoffer keyring chain. Be one of the first to receive this delightful key ring.
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Need to find your keys in a hurry? Add a Wafflehoffer 2.25” Button Keyring chain to your car or house keys.

Set your keys apart with The Wafflehoffers keyring chain available in white. The sturdy clasp keeps keys together securely and holds up well through daily wear-and-tear.

All four Wafflehoffer characters Maple, Zack, Mama, Papa and Butter the dog are displayed on the keyring chain along with the Wafflehoffer house.

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Diameter: Keychain is 2.25 inches, and is great for purses and pockets.
Depth: .19 inches
Weight: .25 ounces

  • Full-color
  • Waterproof

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