Maple’s First Competition – Children’s Picture Book

Maple Wafflehoffer tries her best to uphold the family tradition of being the best waffle maker in the county when she enters the junior waffle-baking competition at the fair.
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At the beginning of the story, we see Maple as a little selfish and unsure of herself. But by the end of the story, Maple shows us the meaning of being gracious and determined when she competes in a waffle baking competition.

Below are notes from the editor of The Wafflehoffers ~ Maple’s First Competition children’s picture book as she describes the structure and the plot of the story. Enjoy!

Structure/Plot Flow

The pacing of the plot is consistent, well-developed, and clear and is typical for a children’s book. Opening introductions and conflict present right away, and the reader is transported into Maple’s world. The text strikes a good balance between narrative and dialogue to drive the plot, and the ending shores up the story nicely.

Point of View

POV was consistent and typical for the genre.


Characters are described and developed consistently throughout the manuscript, and each character has a purpose in the plot. The characters are consistent, well-developed, and effective throughout.

The Wafflehoffers Maple's First Competition

Maple is a great character, slightly reminiscent of Junie B. Jones, who shows a lot of progress in a short amount of time. Young readers will identify with her right away, as she is likable and believable.


Tone and Style

You mention that you use a casual writing style, which is appropriate for this type of children’s story. The word choice and syntax of the book indicate an awareness of young readers’ ability and potential. The tone and style are consistent throughout the manuscript, which makes for a solid overall presentation.



Generally, the dialogue served the plotline well in the story and was used in proper balance with the narrative to tell the story effectively. Characters’ voices are sufficiently different and consistent throughout and match the situations and experiences in the text.




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