Redirecting Child Behavior

When redirecting child behavior, it is difficult to know how to phrase a request in the best possible manner that your child will understand.

Saying the words, “you can’t” or “don’t do that,” to a child’s is a request to challenge you and take that dare in a child’s mind.

Parenting your child that they cannot do something makes them want to prove that they can, by telling you or showing you that it is, in fact, possible.

Telling a child not to do something makes them want to argue or rebel as they strive for their independence.

Maple was no different when her Uncle Pete told her to stay away from the mare and her foal. Curious Maple helps you understand that you as a parent must explain to your child the reason behind your statement. “You might fall and get hurt” or “If you don’t hold my hand, we might get separated.” Be specific in your request and help them learn why some things are off limits, rather than just that they are.

Maple visits her uncle Pete’s farm and is told to stay away from the mare and foal. Maple challenges that dare. Go on an adventure with Maple as she goes in search of the mare and foal defying her uncle’s wishes.

You might be surprised as to how it all turns out and what lesson uncle Pete learns.

Also enjoy an adventure on the farm as Maple goes in search of the mare and foal. Learn what job each animal plays on the farm.

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