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5 Tips to Encouraging Children to Read.

Suggestions to Encourage Children to Read.

Not all children like to read so here are some ideas that will hopefully make encouraging your child to read more fun!

  • Maple - Daughter resizedCreate an incentive to encourage children to read based on the amount of time they spend reading or the number of pages that they read. After they have reached their goal, take them out for ice cream or some other form of a treat.
  • Introduce your child to different genres to teach them about different kinds of reading material available. If your child likes to seek out adventure, encourage them to read a mystery or read an historical non-fiction book. Science fiction and adventure books are popular with both boys and girls.
  • Do not forget the little ones because children learn by example. They learn from watching their siblings and their parents both their good habits and their bad. They learn the good habits like reading.  Reading to small children will help them appreciate reading, as they get older.  Children that do not like to read can still find things they enjoy reading about. Just make sure to find books that are appropriate for their age level otherwise the child will get frustrated and not want to read.


  • If a book is too daunting in size, try getting them to read a magazine. There is a magazine available on just about every topic. Try to find one on their favorite subject that they are excited to read about.  If your child wants to be a pilot when they grow up, find books on flying or building airplanes. Even a comic book will work if it gets them to start and enjoy reading. Finding something interesting will help inspire them to continue reading.
  • Encouraging reading can even be done while traveling in the car. As you are driving down the road, have your children pick out a specific letter or word on a billboard that you pass.

Reading builds a foundation for learning that will stay with your children throughout their life.  It is such an important skill to have and is necessary for school.  Teaching your children good reading skills also helps with discipline for other studies.  It helps with concentration and comprehension.  Successful reading skills will help your children become better at school.  And we all want that, right? Be the example.

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