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The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple children’s storybook.

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Maple Wafflehoffer was excited spring had arrived. That meant a visit to her aunt and uncle’s farm that was located on the other side of Waffleville.

After a hearty lunch of waffles, Maple’s uncle told her that she could go outside and play but he warned her to stay away from the brown mare and her foal.

Maple being a curious young girl took that as a challenge and went in search of the foal, despite her uncle’s wishes.

In her search, Maple came across several farm animals that were of not much help in her tracking down the foal. It wasn’t until she came upon the farmer’s sheepdog that she was able to locate them.

Upon finding the foal, Maple feared she’d made a frightful mistake and wished she could be transported back to the safety of her family.

There are a few more surprises in store ­– though the biggest one may lie with Maple herself.

The Wafflehoffers ~ Maple’s First Competition Storybook.




A new picture hung on the wall that caught Maple’s eye. “That’s not me in that picture, is it?” she asked. “No, that’s your grandma Wafflehoffer when she was about your age. That picture was taken when she won first place in the Junior Waffle Baking Competition at the County Fair,” replied Mama as she straightened the picture frame. Maple smiled at the picture then stood perfectly still for a moment. I wonder if I could win the Junior Waffle Baking Competition? Maple Wafflehoffer tries her best to uphold the family tradition of being the best waffle maker in the county when she enters the junior waffle-baking competition at the fair. At the beginning of the story, we see Maple as a little selfish and unsure of herself. But by the end, she shows us the meaning of being gracious and determined.

The Wafflehoffers Curious Maple Coloring Book


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The Wafflehoffers is proud to present The Wafflehoffer Coloring Book. Join Maple Wafflehoffer as she goes on an adventure on her Uncle Pete’s farm. With over 30 ready-to-color illustrations, children will meet a cat, mouse, cow, sheep, dog and many other farm animals as Maple goes in search of a mare and her foal.

The Wafflehoffers ~ Curious Maple is now available on Amazon.com in both Paperback on Kindle edition.

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The Wafflehoffers Maple’s First Competition Coloring Book







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