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“Hurry up, Maple. It’s time to leave,” shouted Mama Wafflehoffer as she washed the last plate from a breakfast of homemade waffles.

“Coming!” said Maple as she ran outside and climbed into the car. She was so excited for their visit to Uncle Pete’s farm.



The Wafflehoffers arrive at the farm



“Welcome,” announced Uncle Pete as he greeted everyone in the farmyard. “It’s lovely to see you all again. I hope the drive didn’t take too long?”

“It took forever,” huffed Maple.

“Oh! Sorry to hear that. Well, Aunt Martha is inside preparing lunch. I hope everyone is hungry.”

Wafflehoffers were always hungry.



The Wafflehoffers eating breakfast with their aunt and uncle.



Maple took a deep breath when she entered the kitchen. The smell of Aunt Martha’s waffles filled her nostrils. Her stomach growled.

Aunt Martha’s waffles were the best in all of Waffleville. She’d won first place for five years in a row at the County Fair.

Maple took her seat at the kitchen table. “It smells delicious!”

“Why thank you, Maple. Help yourself,” said Aunt Martha. “What’s the matter, Zack? Not hungry?”

Maple’s brother Zack let out a deep sigh. He was tired of always eating waffles.

During lunch, Uncle Pete shared stories about the farm. A new foal had been born! Maple couldn’t wait to meet it. She’d never seen a baby horse before.

“OK, kids, it’s time to go outside and play. Mind you don’t go near the mare and her foal,” warned Uncle Pete.



Maple and Zack Wafflehoffer



“Where are you headed?” asked Zack when they got outside.

“I’m going to look for the foal,” said Maple.

“Don’t you dare. Uncle Pete told us to stay away,” warned Zack as he headed into the barn.

When Maple heard the word “dare,” she felt more committed than ever to find the foal.


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